Defining principles for legal reform

Enabling Cooperative Development: Principles for Legal Reform, the first report of the CLARITY Initiative, was published in 2006.  Its set of nine core principles provides cooperative movements around the world with a valuable tool to evaluate and reform cooperative laws and regulations.

Launching CLARITY

During its first year, the CLARITY Initiative held workshops, conducted research and consulted with the field staff of cooperative development organizations and outside consultants on cooperative law reform in various countries.

From that wealth of information, the participants crafted the core CLARITY Principles presented in this report.  It also features analytical “rubrics” for evaluating legal environments and profiles reflecting legal reform efforts around the world.

Enabling Cooperative Development: Principles for Legal Reform

This report can be downloaded in pdf format and be read via Acrobat Reader or other pdf software.

Arabic (pdf, 1.2mb)
English (pdf,1.4 mb)
Kiswahili (pdf, 264 kb)
Mongolian (pdf, 9.3 mb)
Portuguese (pdf, 1.3 mb)
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