Legislative Analysis

100 years Cooperative Credit Societies Act, India 1904 : A worldwide applied model of co-operative legislation. Münkner, Hans-H. Marburg Consult for Self-Help Promotion. International Co-operative Alliance, Asia and Pacific, 2005.
Proceedings of a colloquium addressing the broad impact of the Cooperative Credit Societies Act and experiences related to the creation of credit co-operatives.

African Cooperatives and the State in the 1990s. Münkner, Hans-H. University of Marburg, Germany. Yearbook of Cooperative Enterprise, 1992.
Provides a historical background for reform in Africa. Identifies three “crises of African co-operatives — identity, performance, and regulatory environment — and proposes solutions.

National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform Laws (, agricultural and agricultural related cooperatives, 2004.
A discussion draft of a model law for agricultural cooperatives, based largely on the Minnesota Act. The draft includes notes on current laws that apply to cooperatives, their implications and an overview on categorizing cooperatives. This is not a complete model law, and also includes notes on future additions and revisions.

Changes in cooperative development policies and their implications for cooperative legislation, Münkner, Hans-H., University of Marburg, 1994. The world of cooperative enterprise, 1994.
Discusses the impact of the enabling environment on cooperatives in developing, former socialist, and industrialized countries.

Cooperative Law in Practice : A Handbook of Legislation for Cooperative Development, Yeo, Peter, Oxford and Manchester, Plunkett Foundation for Cooperative Studies and Holyoake Books, 1989.
A book covering the major areas of cooperative law, including the definition of a cooperative, membership, auditing, registration and bylaws, in detail.

Cooperative Principles and Cooperative Law, Münkner, Hans-H., Institute for Cooperation in Developing Countries, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, 4th reprint, 1985.

Cooperatives: From Controls to a Regulatory Framework : Policies for the SAARC Region. Chopra, Sanjeev, Centre for Cooperatives & Rural Development, Book World, 1999.
A collection of essays addressing topics such as the role of the state, the role of the registrar, dispute/conflict resolution and the regulatory framework for cooperatives with a focus on south Asia.
Comisión Jurídica: Reglamento Ley General de Cooperativas, Unión Nacional de Agricultores y Ganaderos (UNAG), 2005.
A commission report from the UNAG ocaltion meeting on regulations for cooperatives under Nicaragua's new General Cooperative Law.